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Photography is an art. It takes practice, skill, and an eye for the

unexpected. Not all people will take the time to study a landscape,

Wildlife, building, or other subject to find the hidden depth within

when they do often they will find great meaning in the photo they take.

Photographers spend their lives looking for different and new ways to

shoot a subject. Digital photography is just one new way of taking a.

picture. There are many advantages for working with digital.


When taking a photograph of a person you need to study their.

face. The face is important to the angle you will shoot from. It.

is a cliché, it is true some people have a better side. This could be in.

relation to scarring or acne breakouts or even simpler. My.

left eye is larger than my right by just a bit, and looking head on into the.

camera will cause a horrible portrait, however if the photographer.

comes from the right side and angles up a little the light and shadows.

will help even out the features while keeping the distinctions that make.

me who I am.

Make sure you get a complete set of shoots. Those should include a.

close-up, a wide angle and a mid range. The Angel is very important as.

well. If you use the wrong point of view you may easily undo the best.

shoot by misrepresenting the relationship of distance to the object etc

. Remember, your photo has to show exactly what is set out before you.

Lighting is the next important step to portrait photography. A lot of.

photographers prefer natural light to artificial. Your subject will in part.

decide this for you. Remember you will use the light you have. Natural.

light will often require setting the aperture to compensate for the.

cameras lack of definition. In other words you need to create the.

contrast with the light and shadows for the effect you want. Often.

artificial light is harsh and not directed properly unless in a studio.

Again you will need to use the manual settings on your camera to.

create the perfect portrait.

Obviously, the key to any photograph is to capture the personality and.

the "soul" of your subject. I was photographing a boy scout in his.

Because the boy, uniform for a very important photograph to the family.

had achieved the Eagle rank, which is a high honor. But I knew this kid.

had lots of personality so I wanted the "formal" shot but I wanted this.

kid's heart in it too. I told him I would be snapping a few shots to.

test my shutter and I got him talking about boy scouts and camping. As.

I got him to tell me about the funniest moments he experienced.

camping, that smile came out and boom, I had my shot. It hangs in my.

lobby now as one of my finest moments as a photographer.

The background is also important when discussing light. In a studio a.

photographer will pick a background that will not wash your features out.

or your clothing. They want to have a distinction or contrast between.

you and the background. This is also important of home portrait.

photography. You will want a background that gives color to your.

subject rather than taking it away. Finding a nice spot with a tree to sit.

on and mountains in the background can be a great portrait, but you will.

want to make sure the background is not too busy to distract from the.

subject. Make the subject seem apart of the picture rather than outside.

of it.

It's true that the mechanical skill that the guy at Wal-Mart might need to.

take baby pictures may be the same as a great photographic artist.

might need. But the objection doesn't hold up because the same.

human language is used to create great poetry as it takes yell out.

obscenities at a baseball game. It isn't the skill that makes it art.

Lastly but not least. If your equipment, photos can be messed up easily.

is not in tip top shape. Make sure that your lens is clean at all times of.

dust. No smutches etc. I know it seems to be a topic that should not.

even have to be mentioned, but often it is the small things we overlook.

After all the entire point of forensic photography is to capture those.

small seemingly mute points that are often overlooked.

Is it just a matter of opinion? To some extent, yes. There is an.

art world and an industry behind it that depend on there being some.

standards upon which art is judged. One such standard is the intent of.

the artist. The viewer is if you produce an art or a photograph work derived from a.

photograph that is intended to be viewed as art.

obligated to try to see the artistic merit in it. Whether the viewer sees.

that merit or not may depend on the viewer's abilities, how good you.

are at getting your artistic message across or many other factors.

Again your eye is the best tool for finding a subject. How you choose.

the subject will depend on what is available, the light and the angle.

Moving slowly through an area such as landscape will help you.

determine the subject. Looking under leaves or rocks is often.

beneficial to finding something different and new. You never know.

where you will find a picture just waiting for you to click a picture. Some.

people and animals do things that will never again happen and this is.

when you want to have camera available. Most people interested in.

photography carry a camera with them everywhere they go. , if this.


sounds like a habit, a real habit turns into a hobby and a possible.

income if you become good at taking the right pictures. As you get.

better at taking the pictures, you can then start displaying your pictures.

for others to see and possibly buy.

Digital photography is just one new way of taking a.

picture. The face is important to the angle you will shoot from. Make sure you get a complete set of shoots. The Angel is very important as.

Remember you will use the light you have.

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